Bucket List (English)

As mentioned previously, we do not really have a detailed plan BUT we have this bucket list, and even though maybe we cannot accomplish all of it during this travel, we hope to be able to do so one day. So, what we would like to do includes:

  • going on the Transsiberian Railway
  • horseback riding in Mongolia
  • learn surfing
  • take cooking classes in South Eastern Asia
  • learn Thai massage (Birgit)
  • swimming with dolphins in New Zealand
  • visit Hobbiton (Kathrin, it’s already off Birgit’s list)
  • take a heli ride over Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii (Birgit)
  • visit Grand Canyon
  • see Redwoods and Sequoias in California
  • see the Northern lights (maybe not on this travel)
  • dog sledding (Kathrin, but probably also on another trip)